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10 Ways To Improve Your Church's Media Strategy

When looking at the heart of what we do at Igniter Media, our hope is to help equip church leaders like you present the gospel through visual media in a creative way with excellence. In order to gain a better understanding of how "successful" Igniter members use their Igniter membership, we reached out to the members who use the site most to get a better understanding of the ways, habits, and planning methods they use to make the most out of their membership. Below are our findings of the 10 things that make for a healthy Igniter membership.

1. Download at least once a week

77% of those surveyed said they download content from the Igniter website once a week or more. Building a habit of downloading content at least once per week is a great way to not only ensure you're seeing all of our new releases, but also allows you to see the most value from your membership. Anything downloaded while in your membership is yours forever, even after your membership ends ... so download away!

2. Pre-service planning

Planning a service is no easy task. With the right preparation, it can be an exciting process full of creative opportunities for those in your church to enjoy. Planning themes, colors, and specific media elements such as graphics and videos are most effective when there's ample time to prepare, which is why 66% of the churches surveyed said pre-service planning was a must.

3. Weekly recap of Sunday's service

A recap of the previous Sunday's service is something that was important to 55% of churches surveyed. A pre-service plan is helpful to prepare for the service, and a post-service recap can give you time to do an inventory on what things worked, what didn't, and what you can improve upon for the next week's services.

4. Stay on-brand within a sermon series

When asked if churches stayed "on-brand" within a sermon series or within a service, 54% said they stayed on-brand within a sermon series, but not necessarily within a service. Meaning, keeping a visually consistent theme across a sermon series was very important to those surveyed. Igniter provides Sermon Series collections to help provide a theme that can stay consistent across multiple product categories, like title graphics, worship backgrounds and more. Explore Sermon Series collections here.

5. Media is based around the sermon

66% of churches build their services around the theme of the sermon for that Sunday. Sermon titles make up a large amount of our title graphics product category and is a great place to get started. Collections are also a place to find content with a visually consistent theme if you're looking for a lot of media content available in different forms.

6. Freedom to make last-minute changes

On a busy Sunday, last minute changes are bound to happen. Whether it's changing sermon points, or tweaking song lyrics that may need to be tweaked up to the very last minute. For that reason, 61% of those surveyed indicated that last-minute changes were very important to them. With an Igniter membership, you have access to everything from PowerPoint and Photoshop files to After Effects files to make last-minute changes that look great.

7. Having a media plan is necessary

53% of members said having a media plan for their services each week was important. Knowing not only where to get the media that will be used, but knowing logistically how to get it and dispense it to the right people on staff was key for those surveyed. No one wants to be scrolling for the perfect announcement slide or worship background at the last minute.

8. Social media planning

A surprising 60% of those surveyed indicated they have no social media planning calendar for their upcoming posts. At a time when being present online and on Sundays is as important as ever, it was surprising that the majority of churches don't plan their posts in advance. However, it reinforced the value in social graphics as a category with content that is finished, downloadable in seconds, and ready to post on all social media platforms.

9. Utilize unlimited downloads of media

One of the benefits of an unlimited, annual membership is the ability to download as much content as you need at any time. 76% of those surveyed said they way they liked to download their content was"as needed." Some members preferred to download after a planning meeting, or even up to a month before the service for which they are planning, but the unquestionable winner was the freedom to download media whenever they needed it.

10. Having an Igniter membership was essential to media success

94% of those surveyed said having an Igniter membership was an essential part of their church's media success. Our goal is to help equip churches with creative media that points people to the gospel. Download all you want, as often as you want.

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Have questions? Send us an email to with any questions you may have at any point in your membership. We're here to help!


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