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4 Themes to Help Mothers Feel Seen

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When you think of Mother's Day, what comes to your mind?

The answer and feelings about it will be different for every person.

Mother’s Day typically only celebrates those who have a child in the most traditional way…But it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ holiday. Whether they’re a mother by birth, foster care, step, spiritual, mentor, or someone who just desires to be a mom…they all deserve to be celebrated, recognized, and cherished on this day (and every day) for all of the things they do and who God made them to be.

So, how can we celebrate our mothers well?

We’ve compiled four themes based on mini-movies you’ll find on our site.

1. Remind every type of mother of her importance.

From the beginning to the end, motherhood plays a pivotal role in the Bible. Eve, Sarah, Leah, Jochebed, Naomi, Mary and many more represent the ways one can be called ‘Mom’. Whether by birth, faith, mentorship, or adoption. ‘Mothers of the Bible’ unfolds in a beautiful way by honoring mothers in your church and acknowledging that, even though their roles might not all look the same, every mother and mother-figure plays an important role in the stories of generations to come.

2. Appreciate the unnoticed things she does.

How many times did your mom pick up your dirty laundry? Pack your lunch and make your dinner? Put a bandaid on your busted knee?...How many times did you say thank you for all of that? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our moms did so much more for us than we realized. As kids we usually don’t thank her for all of it, but as Unnoticed Moms LLC reveals, as we grow up we should become more grateful for everything that she did for us.

3. Remind her she doesn’t need to be perfect.

Many mothers feel overwhelmed with life, beat themselves up for not being the mom they want to be, question their actions, and feel defeated. The life of a mom is messy. While she might sometimes feel like those messes are reminders of her failures, we know that they are really just part of the job. However, they are often the result of time spent on more important things that make a bigger difference. ‘The Messy Life of a Mom’ serves as a reminder that she doesn’t need to have it all together and she certainly doesn’t need to be perfect. She makes the ‘messy’ things beautiful.

4. Remind her she is capable, strong & praiseworthy

Being a mom is beautiful and joyful, but the journey of motherhood looks different for everyone. Whether she is a mother of children who are still at home, a mother who has outlived a child, a mom of a child she never got to hold, a mother who has raised her children all on her own, or became a mom to someone who needed one, God perfectly arranged her into the role she is in. 'Happy Mother’s Day' reminds her of this and that God’s word recognizes her capable, strong, and praiseworthy for all of the beautiful things that she does.

With that being said…

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for many, but it is also a day of heartbreak and sadness for many others. Both for the children whose mom has passed away or wasn’t around, and for the mom who has endured miscarriages or the loss of a child early in life. For them, Mother’s Day may be a day they dread. So no matter how you decide to celebrate, it’s important to care for those people well and approach the topic with grace.

If you need media to go with any of the mini-movies listed above, we have hundreds of options for Mother’s Day announcements and graphics that you can choose from.


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