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3 Ways To Use Stock Photos As a Non-Designer

If you haven’t heard, we recently released our biggest product update in 5 years - stock photos and videos.

Our mission is to do media so you can do ministry, and we know that finding high-quality, faith-based stock that isn’t cheesy and fits the brand and culture of your church isn’t an easy feat.

Although having a plethora of your own stock photos of your church and your people is the ideal situation, that is not as easy to attain as some might think. Unless you have a dedicated team of photographers or volunteers who might be good at photography. Chances are, you don’t have the time or capacity to take enough photos of people before, during, and after your service or throughout the week that will supply you with media for your newsletters, ministry updates, website, social media, and more. With that said, how many times have you settled for a photo that may not be exactly what you were looking for, but "good enough" has to suffice? That’s where we want to help.

Compared to the ready-made media that most of our customers are familiar with, the use case for this new product may not be as obvious. So we wanted to start by giving you 3 easy ways you can use stock photos.

Sermon Illustrations and Visuals

We now have a library with over 48,000 stock photos. All of these are geared towards the faith-based creator and many of those depict biblical scenes, metaphorical truths, theology, and other things that can be hard to describe verbally. Below are just a few stock photos that could be used to do that.

Small Screen Support

Do you have a church blog, website, email newsletter, or bulletin? All of those could benefit from having access to high-quality stock photos.

Not even sure where to start with social media? Read this article we wrote about how to leverage 3 powerful tools on Instagram.

Customization Super-Powered

Find a title graphic or sermon graphic you like, but want to customize it and make your own? By using the Photoshop files you can swap out the background with a stock photo, or simply layer it on top.

Ultimately, you know your church and where you need support and maybe this isn’t an area that you are concerned about right now. However, if any of this resonates with you or if you ever find yourself in need of certain imagery, consider exploring our library of over 48,000 stock photos (plus over 6,000 stock videos). We say this as humbly as possible, but we’re almost certain you will find exactly what you’re looking for and we can’t wait to see how you’ll use it and what you’ll create with this new product!


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