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5 Ways to Customize Igniter Content

At, you'll find a ton of what we call "ready-made media," which just means it's media that's ready to go—you don't have to do anything but download the content to start using it immediately, as-is. Our library contains tens of thousands products specifically created to be used by churches, so the chances that you'll find something that works for you are pretty high.

But what about those times you can't find something that says exactly what you want, exactly the way you want to say it? We've built in a few customization options to make our (already huge) library feel even more unlimited.



The quickest way to customize an Igniter graphic is also our newest—Canva templates. The most popular web-based design tool in the world has been wholeheartedly embraced by all kinds and sizes of churches over the past few years because of its ease of use and affordable cost. We already have a good bit of our library ready to go as Canva templates, but you'll eventually be able to customize any Igniter original title graphic or social graphic using Canva.



What's better than editing the text on an Igniter graphic yourself? Letting us do it for you! For a small fee, Igniter members can use our retitle service to have our designers make text changes on any Igniter original title graphic. It's a great time-saver, and the folks who use it tend to come back again and again. Find out more about our retitle service here.

*Retitling is currently only available on Igniter Media-created title graphics—and only to members that have access to that product category. If you're already a member, click this link to see how many retitle credits you currently have on your account. It's also worth noting that this service is only for text changes; we can't currently accommodate changes to the design itself.



Utilize project files to customize the layered files any way you want. We have Photoshop files for more than 7,700 title graphics and 2,600 social graphics, and After Effects files for more than 1,600 title graphics and almost 150 sermon bumpers.

*Not all of our content contributors on our site offer project files, and like our retitling service, project files are only available to members that have access to the categories they fall within.



Looking for something a little easier than Photoshop that you can still do yourself? We have over 5,000 Igniter-created title graphics that come with PowerPoint slides preloaded with all available "variants" that are set up and ready to go. Once you download the file, easily change the text without needing any kind of advanced design knowledge. If PowerPoint isn't your thing, you can download the JPEG files of the variants and use them in your preferred presentation software. But check to see if your software supports importing PowerPoint presentations—it might save you a step or two.

*Again, not all of our contributors include PowerPoint files or multiple variants as a download options, so if that's important for your use case, be sure to filter by Igniter Media within our title graphics category.

BONUS: PNG Layers and Stock Media


Sometimes you'll find a Title Graphic with a text treatment you like, but you'd prefer it on a different background. Or maybe it has a photo in the background that you'd like to swap out. Our Title Graphics category has a filter option called "Overlays" that includes transparent PNG text layers that you can drop on top of the background of your choice in just about any software—including Canva, Photoshop, or your presentation software.

In combination with all of this, our massive selection of Stock Photos and Stock Videos opens up an almost infinite universe of customization possibilities.


Click around the site and look for ways you could customize our content to make it even more useful to you. What's your favorite way to customize content on the Igniter site? Let us know in the comments below!


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