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Why You Need To Be Using Mini Movies To Support Your Sermons

Let’s start with an experiment. First, take 2 minutes and watch this video:

After watching that video, is your heart beating a little faster? Were you feeling a little nervous? OK, next step: using only words, go explain the video you just watched to someone. As colorful, specific, and dramatic as your description might be, you just won’t be able to tell them in a way that will elicit the same response that showing them would.

Visuals help us emotionally connect with stories. But that’s not their only benefit. Using graphics, colors, animations, videos, typography or any other form of visuals is effective for better attention, comprehension and retention. (source)

Additionally, studies upon studies have confirmed that visual memories are not only more accurate, but also last longer. In the online world, video content is king (source):

  • Social videos are shared 12x more than text & image posts combined.

  • Over 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day … and over 2.6 billion people have YouTube accounts..

  • Studies have shown that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visuals, which facilitates better memorization of content. (source)

And God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31

It’s no surprise that we are visual creatures. From Genesis to Revelation, sight plays a huge part in the story.

  • God surveys his creation.

  • Adam and Eve are filled with shame when they see their nakedness.

  • God gives his servants visions.

  • Jesus heals the blind. Paul’s conversion begins with Saul’s blindness. That blindness/sight metaphor is used repeatedly to explain understanding, revelation, and enlightenment.

And that’s our goal: to help you shed light on Truth. We want to help you make your audience experience your message in a way that they connect with and remember. And we believe that mini movies are one of the most effective and relevant ways to do that.

If you’ve made it this far, check out the 10 Igniter Mini Movies you should start with.


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